Special Yoga for children with Additional Support Needs

In a safe and secure environment, our 1:1 session’s aim to create a welcoming, supportive and calm atmosphere in which to practice yoga. Through small group or 1:1 session’s we will be assisting children on how to control their bodies, how to relax and how to focus. We will be providing opportunities for children to experience success in various postures and to view their bodies in a positive light. Highly individualised sessions will establish goals and encourage the child’s responsiveness to various postures. 

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1 : 2 : 1 YOGA



  • Looking to reconnect to your body; physically, emotionally and mentally, to find inner strength.

  • Living with a long-term medical condition and the GP has advised trying Yoga.

  • Living with anxiety or depression and looking for ways to manage it.

  • Taking time out to de-stress and relax.

  • Aiming to work on a specific goals such as balance or flexibility.

1:2:1 Yoga is a great way for boosting your confidence, especially if you are new to Yoga and helping to find ways to support and develop your personal practice with the guidance of a qualified and professional teacher.

1:2:1 sessions are 60 minutes long.

Choose either a one off session - perhaps there's one particular thing you are looking to work on, or book a block of 5 regular sessions. Regular sessions are a fantastic way of watching your practice grow and change.


If you would like further information, please contact Lydia


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